20.2.21 : Genesis 

This is the first site I’ve made in absolutely years, and I’m still not 100% sure what I’m going to use it for. I was inspired by the clean and minimal sites from the lainchan webring. I’ve never been a fan of modern web design, so I view our project as a small form of protest against the bloat and shit design of the modern Internet.

Not only that, but before the rise of social media it was far more common for people to create a personal homepage. People did it to improve their web design skills and share interesting things with their friends, but the greatest thing about it was the fact that you could make it totally your own. The Internet community since then has been diluted, and as a result has had most of the soul and individuality taken out of it.

I threw this together fairly quickly, and there’s still some room for improvement, but the important thing was keeping it JS free and clean. I’m thinking about designing an alternate layout that’s a lot less clean and more 90s-oriented.

I will maintain this page as a blog, mostly focused on programming and security but I’ll probably end up expanding it into things like philosophy, history, anime reviews, or anything else I find interesting enough to talk about.

Leave a comment in the shoutbox to let me know you were here, and leave a link to your own site if you wish. This site is part of a wider community project, the links to which you can find on the webring page.

If you would like to contact me for any reason, feel free to drop me an email. Take care frens.

~ M


Welcome to merovingian.*! I'm a 20-something programmer from the UK. My other interests include cryptography, philosophy, history, anime, literature, and pre-1960s films.